Cross-wedge rolling line

Highly efficient class of equipment is used for forming of axisymmetric parts under the pressure by altering their cross-section by the method of cold, warm (t=500 - 700°C) and hot (t=1000 - 1250°C) rolling. Cross-Wedge Rolling Lines are used in the automotive industry, railway construction, mining and other industrial sectors.

- a hot-rolled rod that does not need to be pre-formed for the rolling process is used as a billet;
- high equipment production capacity (up to 1000 parts/hour);
- high accuracy and maximum proximity to required dimensions of finished products;
- minimum waste (billet use coefficient is as high as 0,98);
- opportunity  to produce a wide product range using the same equipment;
- die change-over time between profiles is reduced to 5 minutes, high die life (up to 1 000 000 parts);