Lines for tile production

Rollforming Line LPRF series is designed for the manufacture of metal tile "Monterrey", “Super Monterrey”, “Kaskad”, “Elit”, etc.

Material thickness, mm0,4 - 0,5
Material width, mm1250
Coatingzinc, polymer
Profile length, mm2100…8100
Throughput, m/min8-10 with one forming stamp
Throughput, m/min6-18 with two forming stamps
Installed capacity, kwt39 (40)

The line consists of:

 - decoiler;
 - loading trolley;
 - lubricating system;
 - rollforming mill;
 - hydraulic press with one (two) forming stamp;
 - guillotine shears;
 - conveyor stacker;
 - packaging machine;
 - rack and pinion conveyor;
 - hydraulic equipment;
 - pneumatic equipment;
 - electrical equipment;
 - control system.