Cross-wedge rolling tool (Die)


The Tool is the mast important component of the forging production. AMTengineering employs experienced specialists in tool desing and tool production, which allows us to produce high quality tools for CRW machines. We independently design and manufacture tools for cross-wedge rolling machines individually for each project. We use high-speed tool steel P6M5 (Russia), T11302M2 (USA), X82WMoCrV6-5-4 (Germany, France), SKH51 (Japan) with increased tendency to decarburization, high viscosity, good wear resistance, good grindability. 

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Along with the tool itself, we provide our customers with a set of drawings and make proper adjustments after trial runs at our plant. Customer personnel may be trained at our facility where they will receive all the necessary knowledge of rolling technology, tool desing and CWR line service.

We also design and manufacture knives and guillotines for all types of metal profile cutting and sheet metal slitting lines. The design and quality provides cutting of the material of the required thickness at the required cutting speed and maintains its qualities throughout the entire service life.The unique technology and high-precision erosion, grinding and milling machines allow achieving the stated accuracy, and using heat treatment, maintain their qualities in accordance with the technical parameters of the automatic lines. 

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Advantages of cross-wedge rolling tool in flat design compared to rolls.

  1.  High precision of rolling up to 6-12 quality class and absence of ellipticity;
  2.  Possibility of rolling asymmetrical parts;
  3.  Faster tool change in manual mode 20 min, with automatic tool change up to 5 minutes;
  4.  Repair and reprocessing of the tool does not require expensive equipment;
  5.  Tool life including regrinding (restoration) from 1,200,000 to 2,000,000 P6M5 items.

During the entire period of operation, service support and repair of the tool is provided.

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