Lines WRL series

Lines WRL series has one (top) movable die. A slider is installed on rolling-contact bearings with automatic clearance adjustment allowing to minimize friction losses and avoid clearance in guides when the slider is heated during the rolling process.

At present we have designed and manufactured the following models of the lines series WRL: WRL2510, WRL 2512, WRL3512, WRL4012, WRL6010, WRL6512, WRL8010, WRL8012.

The model name is determined by the maximum diameter of a billet and by the length of a rolling tool.

For example, a line WRL8010 is designed for rolling of billets with maximum diameter of 80 mm and has a length of rolling tool 1000 mm.

Single-piece rolling output of the lines WRL series can reach 600 parts/hour (depending on RF current heating power). The output of pair rolling is doubled.

3D model of the cross-wedge rolling line 

Cross-wedge rolling line WRL2510

Cross-wedge rolling line WRL4012

Cross-wedge rolling line WRL6010

Cross-wedge rolling line WRL6312

Cross-wedge rolling line WRL8010