05.02.2024 Flat cross-wedge rolling line new high quality cross-wedge rolling process for forgin and metalworking preform

Cross-wedge rolling lines of the WRL, WRL TS series with flat tools are widely used for the production of forgings of the following products: gearbox shafts, main pairs of axles; cardan gear forks; electric motor shafts; blanks for low-burst stamping of automobile connecting rods, suspension arms, forgings of ball pins, metalwork tools; blanks for low-volume stamping of crankshafts, camshafts, balancer shafts; hydraulic pump gear forgings.

23.02.2022 Cross-wedge rolling machine WRL series AMTengineering in full automatic forging complex
Cross wedge rolling machine with flat tool in full automated production process. Coil cutting / induction heating of billets / rolling on a cross-wedge rolling line with robotic feed into a multi-position die with stamping of final parts with minimal waste from a single heating.

17.12.2021 Presentation of the cross-wedge rolling process
Presentation of the cross-wedge and helical rolling process exclusive representative of AMTengineering in USA company  ERS Engineering Corp.

11.09.2020 Cross-wedge rolling line and Helical-rolling line technology processes
The technology of cross-wedge and cross-helical rolling is the most technologically advanced way of modernizing forging plant to reduce waste, saving production cycle time o and reduce the number of process control operators.

07.09.2020 Congratulates Labor day for partners from North America
Congratulates team ERS Engineering for LaborDay

19.08.2020 New Equipment for forging pole high voltage Toughened Glass and Porcelain Suspension Insulator pins

A new technology for forging the production of pins and roads high-voltage ceramic insulators using a cross-wedge rolling line has been approved.

20.07.2020 Cross wedge rolling line for hydraulic gear pump shafts (forging plant)
Cross wedge rolling line WRLTS series (ts -two movable tools) to produce shafts for hydraulic gear pump. One line works with different rolling tools. Automatic control system based on PLC controllers. Line output production depending on the rolled part 600-900 parts / hour.

05.06.2020 New type technology Helical rolling line HRL3020 for shafts
Anchor mine support is universally used in the mining of mining mines to strengthen the rock mass by bonding layers of different strengths. HRL series helical rolling lines automate the production of helical anchor supports.

26.05.2020 Video of the cross-wedge rolling line at the mass production of a railway track screw

Since 2005, transverse wedge rolling lines of the WRL series with one movable tool have been successfully operating for 15 years on the production of the track screw in the Kuzbasstransmet company. A screw screw is the most relevant way to fasten rail tracks to railway sleepers.

21.05.2020 Flat Tool Cross-wedge rolling FORGE news
Cross-wedge rolling (CWR) is a forging technique in which a heated billet is formed by rolling it between two flat (or cylindrical parallel-axis) die plates. This article describes the CWR process and equipment as applied to the production of railroad screws and other similar products.