About company

Инженерный центрEngineering center «AMTengineering» specializes on design and production of the equipment, development of technological processes in the field of processing of metals by pressure.
- in the market of engineering technologies since 1999; 
- the total area of the enterprise - 8000 sq.m; 
- consists of the engineering center and complex production; 
- high quality group of experts; 
- close cooperation with the largest technical training centers and advanced enterprises;

Сборочное производство

- rollforming lines for the production of any desired profiles (corrugated, metal tile, roofing elements, the elements of the rainwater system, longerons, panels of prefabricated buildings and other special profiles);
-   slitting and cut-to-length lines (up to 6 mm);
-  cross-wedge rolling lines (used by machine-building enterprises for rolling of shaft and preforms of different use and further minimization of waste);
- induction heaters;
- resistance furnaces;
- rollforming tool;
- cross-wedge rolling tool;
- stamps;
- systems of automatic control;
- cross-helical rolling lines;
- service and engineering maintenance;
- non-standard equipment

Профилегибочная линия

- development of technologies and equipment for production of necessary parts by method of pliant deformation of metal;
- carrying out re-equipment and modernizations of various forge, assembly and preparation productions of the industrial enterprises;
-   warranty and after-guarantee service;
- carrying out research of technologies with construction of the test equipment (prototype), further application in industrial samples;
-   metal working services on erosive machines, CNC machines, stamping.
Образцы деталей выпускаемые методом поперечно-клиновой прокатки

The main advantages of the equipment manufactured by our company

The equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the individual requirements of the Customer. We carry out commissioning, train personnel, provide warranty and service support (remotely or with the departure of specialists). We provide services (grinding cut-off knives, creating tool backups, dies, roll unwinders, stars, gears, knots, etc.), remote consultation and software diagnostics. We provide all the necessary documentation and design documentation for independent work in the post-warranty period. The equipment is designed in accordance with the requirements of GOST, DIN, IEC, EAEU. You should choose us if you are counting on long-term operation of equipment and a large load.


Leading position in the field of development and implementation of technologies and equipment for cold, semi-hot and hot cross-wedge rolling of axisymmetric parts such as "body of rotation". Our equipment works at the industrial sites of our customers - the largest machine-building, construction, automobile, railway, mining enterprises of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, the USA, as well as other CIS countries, Europe and America.

Video equipment and news

Following the news of the Engineering Center «AMTengineering» company on official accounts. Equipment news, new technologies and ready-made solutions, participation in exhibitions, events and relevant information.

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