Cross wedge rolling line for hydraulic gear pump shafts (forging plant)


Cross wedge rolling line for hydraulic gear pump shafts (forging plant)

Cross wedge rolling line WRLTS series (ts -two movable tools) to produce shafts for hydraulic gear pump. One line works with different rolling tools. Automatic control system based on PLC controllers. Line output production depending on the rolled part 600-900 parts / hour.

Having carefully examined the list of parts manufactured by your company, we propose to use the new cross-wedge rolling line AMTengineering Ltd. (WRL TS series) at your forge-and-press shop to produce forgings (steel, aluminum, titanium alloys). Steering & suspension parts, gear shafts, electric motor shafts.

+ decrease in metal consumption (less harvesting, less waste)
+ acceleration of the production cycle by 2-3 times
+ hardening the structure of the part and no ellipticity
+ full automation of the process from cutting the workpiece, heating, rolling and feeding the part to the forging press
+ нigh precision rolling of non-symmetrical parts
+ flat wedge die toolset allows you to get profiled blanks with dimensional accuracy of 6-12 qualities

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