All equipment let out by the «AMTengineering» company is own development. Division of technological process into design stages, purchases of accessories, productions, assembly and tests before shipment allows the customer at each stage of a message continuous control of quality of implementation of orders.

- Project works (development of CD etc) in CAD and SAPR system;
- Development and deployment of manufacturing techniques of difficult products;
- Design-technology maintenance;
- Electric installation work (design and production of distributive electrocases, systems of automatic equipment, telemechanics and alarm system of any complexity, rescue and recovery operations);
- Development and programming of control systems by the equipment;
- Advisory services of introduction and realization of the new engineering directions.
- Production of a metalwork;
- Production of case details;
- Production of the tool (stamps, punches, matrixes);
- Production of cogwheels;
- Production of equipment;
- Production pneumo - gidro-, mechanical adaptations;
- Metalwork works;
- Assembly and installation works;
- Welding works;
- Coloring.

Metal working
- All types of procuring works (the cabin, is sharp, flexible);
- All types of turning works (except processing on prutkovy machine guns);
- Processing of red-hot details by the blading tool;
- All types of milling works;
- All types of grinding works;
- Coordinate and boring;
- Drilling;
- Cold stamping on squeezer from 40t to 163t. 
- Hot stamping;
- Cross wedge rolling on camps;
- Profilegibochny;
- Heat treatment.

- Warranty service and service maintenance of the let-out equipment;
- Carrying out commissioning at the customer;
- Delivery of any knots and details to the equipment made by the company within 15 years;
- Guarantee and after-guarantee repair and service.

Modernization and equipment introduction
Our company suggests to carry out a complex of actions for modernization of forge productions, for the purpose of increase of their productivity, profitability. 
- Introduction of automatic transfer lines cross wedge rollings in technological processes of stamping of details with the subsequent for minimization of expenses and reduction of expenses of production;
-  Reconstruction of hydraulic and steam-air hammers with installation on them modern hydraulic actuators, programmable control systems and other supportive applications of automation of processes of forging and stamping, allowing to give them the "second" life thus. 
- Equipment of steam-air hammers, other forging equipment induction heaters of own production.

The integrated control system, in aggregate with the heater and additional resources of automation will allow to turn this equipment into automatic complexes on production of details of various types.