Design Equipment

- Project works (development of CD etc) in CAD and SAPR system; 
- Development and deployment of manufacturing techniques of difficult products; 
- Design-technology maintenance; 
- Electric installation work (design and production of distributive electrocases, systems of automatic equipment, telemechanics and alarm system of any complexity, rescue and recovery operations); 
- Development and programming of control systems by the equipment; 
- Advisory services of introduction and realization of the new engineering directions. 
- Production of a metalwork; 
- Production of case details; 
- Production of the tool (stamps, punches, matrixes); 
- Production of cogwheels; 
- Production of equipment; 
- Production pneumo - gidro-, mechanical adaptations; 
- Metalwork works; 
- Assembly and installation works; 
- Welding works; 
- Coloring.