Cross-wedge rolling and Helical-rolling line

AMTengineering is a manufacturer of WRLWRL TS series cross-wedge rolling and HRL series cross-helical rolling lines and mills. WRL, WRL TS, HRL lines  are a modern alternative to forging rolls. Individual design, production, implementation, service around the world.Highly efficient class of equipment is used for forming of axisymmetric parts under the pressure by altering their cross-section by the method of cold, warm (t=500 - 700°C) and hot (t=1000 - 1250°C) rolling. 

- a hot-rolled rod that does not need to be pre-formed for the rolling process is used as a billet;
- high equipment production capacity (up to 2000 parts/hour);
- high accuracy and maximum proximity to required dimensions of finished products;
- minimum waste (coefficient is as high as 0,98);  high die life; 

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